Catered Breakfast


Full Hot Breakfast Minimum of 15 Catered $10 per person

Scrambled Eggs, Choice of 2 meats*, Potatoes*, Biscuits and Gravy or French toast

Fresh Fruit Platter, Choice of 2 Breads*, Coffee, Water and Orange Juice

Continental Breakfast Minimum of 10 Catered $8 per person

Choice of 2 breads*, Fresh Fruit Platter, Granola Bars, Whole Fruit, Coffee, Water, Orange Juice

Basic Continental $5 per person

Choice of 2 breads*, Coffee and Bottled Water

Beverage Service $3.50 per person

Coffee, Bottled Water and Sodas or Juice

Ala Carte:
Breakfast Burritos (2 dozen minimum)
Fillings: Potato, Onion, Peppers and Cheese with or without Sausage
$18 per dozen
Croissant Breakfast Sandwich
Egg and Cheese, with or without Ham
$30 per dozen
Pigs in Blankets or Mini Quiche $20 per dozen
Low Fat Fruit Yogurt $1 each
Breads $15 per dozen
Fresh Fruit Platter
Small: Serves 25–30 $75 Medium: 30-40 $95 Large: 50-75 $175
$2.50 per person
Coffee Service- includes cups, bev naps, sweetener and cream $17/gallon
Orange, Apple, Grape and/or Cranberry Juice (bottles) $1.50 each
Orange Juice (pitcher) $15/gallon
Bottled Water and Sodas $1.50 each

*Bread Choices include: Assorted Muffins, plain and cinnamon Raisin Bagels with plain or strawberry cream cheese, assorted danish, croissants with butter and jelly, house made breakfast breads – zucchini, banana, blueberry, cinnamon streusel, lemon pound cake.
*Meat Choices include: Bacon, sausage patties (pork), turkey links, Black Forest ham, Canadian bacon, and chorizo.
*Potato Choices include: Hash browns or O’Brien potatoes
Additional Items: Omelet Station, Breakfast Casseroles, Custard Potatoes, Yogurt Bar with Fresh Fruit Toppings, French toast or Waffle Bar

To place an order please call 214.648.2653 or email
Breakfast is the most economical meal to serve a large group

All prices subject to 18% Service Charge and applicable Sales Tax
We deliver to any campus location except for NG3 and ND14
Catered Breakfast 9.2016